Directed by Milena Govich | Written by David Cornue
Produced by Kate Chamuris, Stephen Moffatt & David Cornue

UNSPEAKABLE is an episodic drama/thriller that follows a young woman in a desperate situation whose only option to avert authorities is to claim to be a girl who disappeared years ago as a child. But when the missing girl’s family welcomes the impostor home, she’s forced to keep the deception alive or face the consequences.

UNSPEAKABLE is a proof of concept for a 1 hour TV drama. Produced in conjunction with AFI's Directing Workshop for Women. UNSPEAKABLE premiered at SXSW in the independent episodic program and is currently being shopped to TV networks while it continues it's festival run. 

DEEPEST DIVE: The Story of the Trieste

Directed by Fisher Stevens | Written by John McNamara
Coordinating producer & Rolex account manager - Kate Chamuris

DEEPEST DIVE is a branded documentary for ROLEX created at J. Walter Thompson. 
A seven-mile voyage to the deepest part of the ocean, and the only two men in the world right for the job. Join Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard and U.S. Navy LT. Don Walsh in this remarkable documentary as they pilot the bathyscaphe Trieste into the abyss of the Pacific's Mariana Trench.

aired on BBC World and National Geographic channel


Written & Directed by Asher Jelinsky
Produced by Kate Chamuris

A transwoman mechanic tries to find a livable compromise between running her family's auto shop during the day and expressing her femininity at night, until an unforeseen event threatens the balance of her compartmentalized life.

world premiere Clermont-Ferrand Int’ Short Film Festival
north american premiere Atlanta Film Festival

Winner // Student Film Award for Best Live Action Short, BAFTA
Winner // Best Narrative Short, Ashland Independent Film Festival
Winner // Audience Award Best Narrative Short, Ashland Independent Film Festival
Nominee // Grand Prix, Clermont Ferrand Int’ Short Film Festival

Miller & Son_Poster_Final_Layers_AJEdits.jpg


Written & Directed by Chelsea Woods
Produced by Kate Chamuris

IF THIS IS WRONG is a film About Fandom, where Maria must convince her cynical friend Anna of the joys of buddy cop slash. When Maria is forced outside her digital comfort zone, she finds real-world connection in a mysterious place. While Maria is convincing her friend Anna about the merits of her favorite buddy cop show, she makes an unlikely love connection with a fellow lover of the show’s fan fiction.
Produced as an AFI thesis film. (premiering March 2018)


Directed by Asher Jelinsky | Written and Cinematography by Robert Nachman
Produced by Kate Chamuris

SATELLITE follows a lonely spaceman on earth and a teenage outcast, Caitlin, as they cope with their earthbound isolation.
Shot on 35mm as part of AFI's cinematography graduate program. 


Written, Directed and Cinematography by Charlie Cole
Produced by Kate Chamuris

BRUTE is about a group of teenage boys who witness a brutal beating at a club. This film explores how violence tests the boundaries of friendship. 
Shot on 35mm as part of AFI's cinematography graduate program. 


Written & Directed by Jeremy Merrifield
Produced by Christina Cha
Associate Producer  Kate Chamuris

In this visually stunning film, we step into the imagination of a boy as he struggles to find his place in an increasingly divided adult world. This film explores how societal pressures shape boys into aggressive adults.
Produced as an AFI thesis film.